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Learn DBT Skills on your lunch hour

Manage Stress and Better Relationships with DBT Skills

Join us for a new DBT skills group starting March 7th

Learn DBT skills on your lunch hour with Kara! Learn DBT skills on your lunch hour to reduce conflict, communicate better, manage stress, and regulate your emotions for a better life and better relationships.This is a drop-in style group, so you can join us as your schedule allows. Each week will focus on a new concept or skill, with lively discussion from participants. If it is your first time attending, please plan to come a bit early so that we can have you sign some confidentiality paperwork.

Who is DBT for?

Everyone would benefit from learning DBT skills. Those who would most benefit from the group are typically those who had some challenges in their childhood, such as addiction in the family, domestic violence, poverty, etc. You may laugh about this now and say that you’ve “moved on”, but perhaps you’re noticing patterns of conflict come up in your life. Maybe your relationships are a bit rocky or you find it difficult to get along with coworkers. Perhaps small stressors send you into a tailspin. Your emotions go from 0 to 60 very quickly. Come give DBT a shot.

What will I learn in DBT?

The core aspects of DBT, or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, are the following:

-Learning emotional regulation, such as recognizing that you have power over how you feel.

-Distress tolerance, because life is stressful and painful and we need to learn to work through it.

-Mindfulness, to stay present instead of living in the past or “tripping” on the future.

-Interpersonal effectiveness, because it’s important to know how to ask for what we need and get our needs met in appropriate ways.

We start just with the concept of the dialectical approach, which helps folks get unstuck in rigid, black-or-white thinking patterns. When these skills are used we see greater management of emotions, happier relationships, and the ability to be more present in your day-to-day life.

You can manage stress and have better relationships with DBT skills. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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