About Ancora Counseling and Therapy Services


Billy, Lydia, and Kara met while working in community mental health. Sharing a passion for working with individuals experiencing houselessness and severe mental illness, an idea formed that became a dream: A therapeutic, housing-first farm where individuals would be met at their stage of change; using activity, working the earth, and animal care to further growth and wellness. Ancora Counseling and Therapy Services is the beginning of that dream.

Ancora, meaning “grounding”, is centered around the client. We currently offer counseling, licensure supervision, and trauma-informed care consultation using an eclectic, strengths-based approach. Understanding that each person is the expert on their own life and appreciating the uniqueness of each circumstance, clinicians currently offer only private-pay services with a reasonable sliding-scale option if needed. This allows Ancora to tailor treatment to the client, without the need for potentially stigmatizing, unwarranted diagnoses. In addition, we are able to collaborate with the individual rather than the insurance company to determine frequency of meetings and duration of treatment.

With a combined 26 years of working with individuals with severe mental illness, Ancora clinicians are well-versed in a variety of treatment modalities, working with individuals with a wide range of symptomatic challenges, including folks who “just want to talk” as well as those who experience extreme states. Offering flexible hours to accommodate your life, Ancora is here when you are ready to take that risk of reaching out, setting goals, and expressing vulnerability. You can be your more authentic self. Day-to-day life can be more fulfilling, work more productive. Relationships can feel more meaningful. 

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