“I just need a few drinks to wind down after work.”

“I realized I wait until payday just so I can go get more leaf.”

“I was caught surfing adult sites at work.”

“When my son told me I needed ‘Mommy Juice’, that’s when I knew I needed help.”

Addiction can hijack the brain and alter or perceptions, life priorities, and abilities to invest in life. This is what often baffles and confuses people about addiction, it seems to defy all logic and reason. Sometimes loved ones of people struggling with addiction do not always comprehend why they don’t just stop. Or, perhaps the individual themselves cannot comprehend or understand the grip addiction has on their lives. Most often people think about drugs and alcohol when consider addiction, however, addiction can manifest in many forms in our lives. Pornography, gambling, sex, money, even exercise and tanning beds, can be addictions in our lives.

We at Ancora strive to support folks in understanding the power of addiction and moving forward to take back control of your life. We aim to support folks in understanding the power of addiction, identifying what purpose addiction has served to help us cope with life, and to provide support along the road to recovery. We observe a dual-diagnosis approach when supporting folks in addressing their addictions, as we believe the mental health and addictions have a close relation and can influence on another.

If you are ready to start your journey towards recovery and regaining your power, contact us today. We would be honored to accompany you on your journey of healing and wellness.

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