Grieving When You Can’t Gather

Grieving when you can’t gather: Coping with loss during social distancing Humans are social creatures. When looking as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, the impulse for human connection is paramount to us evolving as individuals. Without a sense of love and belonging, we cannot experience the strength and esteem needed for self-actualization. It’s innate in us to find likeness, to seek comfort. We explore studies of individuals who are experiencing solitary…

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What to do when the Boogeyman is real

When the boogeyman is real This blog post is timely, but also timeless. It’s a challenge I face with every client from time-to-time, but particularly those with anxiety.  It’s when I am trying to encourage interruption of established patterns or introducing the concept of cognitive distortions and the universe validates their worldview. (Crap.) So how do we address anxiety when the boogeyman is real? The individual afraid of cars… gets…

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Enthusiastic Consent
Young couple man and woman intimate relationship on bed feet

Enthusiastic Consent

Enthusiastic Consent and Healthy Sex Love is in the air. As are hormones, desire, and just a basic need for stress relief. We see a lot of individuals in our practice who are wanting to work on the person they are bringing into a relationship. Some are taking a proactive approach- perhaps reflecting on relationship patterns and wanting to avoid future red flags. Others are in a happy relationship and…

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