PTSD and Trauma

PTSD, Trauma, and “Why Me?”: A Question of Resilience Extreme events happen each day that leave people scared, angry, and/or feeling powerless. These events could be assaults, car accidents, or natural disasters, to name a few. So why do some people develop PTSD symptoms and others don’t? How do First Responders (Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Firefighters) run towards danger and without developing PTSD? I’ve lost track of how many…

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Imposter Syndrome

I remember the night of the Ancora open house, over one year ago. Our business had first opened and we were giving tours of our office and discussing our vision for the future. I was sitting in Clark’s Bistro, enjoying some tasty truffle fries, sipping a drink, smiling as I met new people, and thinking “does this person realize that I have no idea what I’m doing?” Again, this was…

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“Thinking Hiccups”

One of the best takeaways of therapy is learning about the way your brain works. I find the way the brain collects, categorizes, and connects information to be quite fascinating- especially if you consider how our brains have evolved over time. When people come to therapy, sometimes their brains are making connections in ways that are causing distress. More often than not, chances are, your brain is being quite clever.…

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