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Iron Sharpens Iron: A Process Group for Men

Have a safe and neutral environment to learn balance between what that worlds says you need to be as a man, and who your heart tells you to be.

  • Collaborate with other men whom might be experiencing the same confusion, feelings of being stuck, and struggles
  • Increase life satisfaction, confidence, and comfort in your own shoes
  • Identify scripts and definitions men have been living under that has caused confusion
  • Learning healthy communication and boundaries
  • Gain healthy routines and attain work/life balance
  • Be a man that builds up others
  • Observing and honor roles (e.g. husband, father, partner, provider) in healthy manner

Starting online when membership reaches enough participants. Sign up below, or call Billy at 971-238-4439 to be added to the list.

I have noticed in my practice and in working with men, that we (men) are living in interesting times; times in which men are expected to and held accountable to change and evolve. It is my experience that men want to do this, but need the confidence and the skills to do so.


In addition to signing up for the group, this form can be used to ask questions about the group or request more information from Billy. Name and email address are requested so that we may alert you to changes, rescheduling, etc. RSVPs are completely confidential.