Frequently Asked Questions

Solid first question but the definition for “counseling” varies based on the person receiving the services. For some individuals, counseling is learning tools and tricks to help them in everyday life. For others, there is a solid goal in mind and we are there to assist with strategizing, accountability, and to provide an unbiased objective voice. For people who just need someone to talk to, we would recommend a free consultation to talk about your needs in a safe space.

First, we are all trained to professionally assist you. All of our counselors are Master’s Level Clinicians that are trained in counseling, psychology, or social work. Not only does that mean we have the skills to help with whatever your goals are, but it also means that we signed up to be readily available to tend to your needs. Your friend may not be as emotionally prepared to hear what you’re going through.

 Also, we are objective. Chances are, you know your partner will completely support you but perhaps what you need at this moment isn’t support. What if you need to be called on your crap? Unlike your partner, we do not have “skin in the game” aside from wanting you to achieve your goals.

Absolutely not. At Ancora, we believe that everyone benefits from having an objective, trained therapist to talk to. There does not have to be any labels. We all go through difficult situations in our lives and we all need a little extra support at times. We believe in taking the stigma out of mental wellness.

The short answer is "no". This is partially due to the stigma concerning therapy. Insurance means labels. We believe that you do not have to have anything wrong with you to see a counselor. You know what we see a lot of in our clinic? “Adjustment disorder”, which literally means you are adjusting to some change in your life. Why must that signify that you are “disordered”? We are just here to help you through life. While we can sometimes make things work with HSA or FSA cards, it can often be a hassle. Let's talk it out in our consultation.

Depends on the therapist and you, some people love worksheets but others feel like they are back in grade school. Guided meditation works well for some but others would respond with “keep that hippy dippy crap away from me”. In order to fit your specific needs, we will make suggestions, try out various interventions, and we will run with what resonates with you.

The first step is setting up an initial 20 minute consultation service. We do not get too deep into what’s bringing you to counseling, but we do talk about your needs. It is important that we get to know one another. If it is not a good fit in terms of personality- that’s totally okay. We will set you up with another clinician. If it is not a good fit you won’t have as good of treatment outcomes.

If it is a good fit, amazing! From here, you will need to complete some paperwork proper to scheduling your intake appointment. The intake appointment will be around 90 minutes and is called the “life story” session. We need to form a foundation of what is brining you to counseling and understand how it may relate to previous incidents in you in your life’s story.

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