Gender Identity

“I just don’t feel like me.”

“It’s like there’s a little girl inside me I’ve been trying to quiet all of my life.”

“I can hardly look at myself in the shower.”

Gender-affirming care assessments can be stand-alone experiences, or can be conducted during the course of therapy or over some follow-up sessions. There is NO expectation or rule regarding being in counseling for 6-12 months prior to this assessment. There are many barriers to gender-affirming care and Ancora will not be one of them.

When working with teens (16 and older, please), Kara values sharing information with guardians or caregivers whenever possible and safe, to help families feel supported through this sometimes-challenging process.

Our time together will result in a treatment recommendation, which sometimes is an immediate referral to a medical provider, and sometimes includes counseling, family involvement, completing other goals, or more planning prior to or concurrently with a referral. In rare circumstances, we may decide together that medical care is not appropriate at this time, and we will help plan for alternative ways to meet your needs.

Note that in order to send letters to insurance companies and medical providers, Kara will be required to include a diagnosis of gender dysphoria. This diagnosis does not fit everyone’s experience, and she is happy to discuss how to navigate these requirements while honoring your experience and identity.

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