Help With Depression

Depression may range from mild to severe, with one episode or several over time. There are many reasons people may feel depressed. Sometimes the cause may be situational, such as a personal loss or a change in life circumstances. Many people experience low mood or energy with the change of the seasons, commonly known as Seasonal Affective Disorder. Medical concerns such as abnormal thyroid or melatonin levels or poor sleep habits may also develop into a bout of depression. Depression may also be inherited or develop out of one’s response to their environment. No matter the cause, there is hope.

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression such as sadness, hopelessness, changes in eating or sleeping patterns, decreased pleasure in previously enjoyed activities, or thoughts of death or suicide, contact us. We will provide a free consultation during which we will assess your current situation, identify your strengths and goals, and give you the opportunity to get to know one of us a bit as well in order to determine if working with us would be a good fit.

Your safety and wellness is our first priority. In the event you are experiencing active thoughts of suicide, we ask you to contact the Washington County Crisis Line at 503-291-9111 or go to the nearest Emergency Room. Once the immediate crisis has been resolved, we hope that you will contact us to begin taking steps toward your long-term wellbeing. Here at Ancora, we will walk alongside you as you strive to overcome depression once and for all. When you choose to work with use, we will perform a thorough assessment, taking into consideration several aspects of your life such as your history, family dynamics, relationships, employment, medical status, and so on to ensure we have a full picture. We will work at your pace with no judgments, exploring thoughts and life patterns that may be negatively affecting your mood, evaluating habits that may no longer serve you, and creating a path together toward renewed wellness.

We at Ancora wish you well in the fullest sense of the word.

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