Licensure Supervision

Ancora has two clinicians that are able to provide supervision toward licensure for Clinical Social Work Associates and Counseling Interns.  Having come from the Community Mental Health field, we have learned a great deal from working with individuals experiencing severe mental illness, substance abuse, personality disorders, trauma, and other mood disorders.  This work provided an excellent foundation, providing us with many interesting opportunities to grow as clinicians.

We also became very familiar with the resources available in Washington County and have built an excellent network amongst social services providers.  We recognize that the folks we have been honored to work with are resilient and amazing humans that have taught us through their suffering and their victories.

As a new clinician, you may be coming across scenarios that are bumping up against your growth curve.  Some settings may provide clinical supervision on site. This is beneficial in many ways, as everyone in the agency will be familiar with company policies and procedures.  Supervisors will generally have easy access to notes and are physically present to observe clinician’s interactions with their clients. We have also seen the benefit of utilizing an off site supervisor who is not connected to the agency.  An off site supervisor is able to focus on clinical growth with a nonjudgmental stance, supporting the newer clinician as they explore how best to respond to very difficult situations they experience. There is less focus on day to day details and the ability to have a quiet, peaceful place to meet.

The goal of clinical supervision is to protect the welfare of the client while promoting supervisee growth and development.  While our experience at Ancora has been grounded in Community Mental Health, we value the expertise that each clinician brings to the table from their various backgrounds and previous learning.  We offer individual and group sessions, using case presentations, role play, and the wisdom of the group to increase treatment efficacy and outcomes for clients, explore and discuss ethical situations that arise, learn from our countertransference, and continue our growth as excellent clinicians. Contact us to discuss your supervision needs.  We will be happy to meet with you in person for a consultation to determine if Ancora is a good fit for you.

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