Life Transitions

Navigating Sudden Life Changes

At Ancora, we recognize that life transitions can be wonderful, challenging, and sometimes terrifying all at the same time. Our lives are constantly changing and managing those changes can get overwhelming.

  • The joy of a family addition may challenge us in ways we never imagined.
  • Beginnings and endings of relationships may be full of mixed emotions as we navigate our needs and the needs of others.
  • Changes in employment status can be financially and personally stressful as well as wonderful opportunities to imagine a new future for oneself.
  • A diagnosis may offer new understanding while also raising multiple questions about one’s future.
  • Natural disasters or unsettling news can both bring us together and divide us, increasing our anxiety.
  • The death of a loved one may be experienced as a profound loss as well as a relief depending on the circumstances.

Some naturally cope with transitions – even welcome them – experiencing little distress while others struggle to manage. But even those who welcome change may find that they are stretched thin when too many changes come close together or there are unexpected emotions to a life event.

You can adjust to a new normal. You can feel stable again. Your world doesn’t have to be chaos. We will listen to your grief, your anger, your fear and hold those emotions in a safe space where they can be experienced and processed. Contact us today.

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