Like any part of ourselves- such as our heart, joints, or teeth- our mental wellbeing needs to be nourished, maintained, and taken care of when something is going astray. Counseling is one tool that can lead to overall improved wellness. Through vulnerability, resourcing, processing, and humor, Ancora Counseling will be an integral part of your mental health journey.

We recognize that life comes with challenges and those challenges are unique to each person. For some, that looks like struggling with regulating our emotions and having lots of “ups and downs”.  Other times it’s long-term feelings of hopelessness. You may be finding that you turn to alcohol each evening as your primary coping strategy. Maybe you’re on-edge and it’s impacting your ability to unwind. Or perhaps you went through something in your life and you just can’t shake it.  All of these experiences are common, but how they impact your life is unique to you and that is what we are here to help you with.

That is why your goals are the most important thing to us. Yes, we want to resolve your anxiety.  Absolutely, we are hoping that your mood will be stable. But we also want to know what your life would look like without those issues. Would you be happier in your marriage?  Get back into that hobby you love? Take a risk? Be more present around your kids? For some, it’s hard to think of those goals. Ancora can help you remember how to dream, too.

We also understand how difficult it is to make that first call. Please know that we appreciate your courage and will provide a confidential, free welcoming session. The therapeutic relationship is important, and we want to establish you with someone who will be the best fit for you, without having to repeat your story many times over.

Therapy is hard work and sometimes it gets harder before it gets better, but research shows that counseling can lead to increased happiness, productive coping skills, meaningful relationships, and even intergenerational health.

Even if the events of your life don’t change, your perspective on them can, as well as your ability to cope, so that together with your counselor you can make your way towards your goals, more meaningfully connected to yourself and the ones you love.