Personality Conflict

Personality conflict is really difficult. It may hurt or be very frustrating. Sometimes this comes about as “Why does it feel like my kids are distancing themselves from me?” or having a difficult time with coworkers or bosses. You may brush it off as “I’m an acquired taste” or “There’s just something about that guy”. Or maybe you notice your relationships are beyond “hot and cold”- it’s more like fire and ice in terms of intensity and extremes.

The issue becomes when patterns start arising and you notice one common theme: You. As existing in society means interaction with others, experiencing consistent, regular conflict with others can be pretty impairing. Rather than isolating, cutting ties, and buying all of your groceries off of the internet (not recommended by mental health professionals), there is another solution- and it’s not changing your personality.

The solution is gaining tools or resources. Therapy is very effective for managing relationships and conflict. We explore boundaries and communication styles so that you can be true to yourself while interacting with other people. We look at what “pushes your buttons” and how to deal with those situations without getting frustrated with people. Finally, we also help you to learn tools to accept when there are situations that are driving you absolutely nuts and you can’t do anything about it, because it happens.

Your life doesn’t have to feel chaotic. Conflict doesn’t have to cripple you. You are worthy of meaningful relationships. Let’s get grounded, together.  Contact us today.

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