Love Languages

The Five Love Languages As I've said before, I work a lot with people who want to bring their best possible selves into a relationship. (Good for you!) We unpack baggage, chat about communication skills, and I teach them a new language. Love languages were created by Gary Chapman back in the early 90’s and have been popular since then. It offered some insight into how we feel connection, importance,…

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Enthusiastic Consent

Enthusiastic Consent and Healthy Sex Love is in the air. As are hormones, desire, and just a basic need for stress relief. We see a lot of individuals in our practice who are wanting to work on the person they are bringing into a relationship. Some are taking a proactive approach- perhaps reflecting on relationship patterns and wanting to avoid future red flags. Others are in a happy relationship and…

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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month “But he doesn’t hit me.” I have heard that statement more often than I could count. Sitting in my office at Ancora, I mask my wincing response as my client tells me this. Domestic violence is so much more complex than physical abuse. I prepare myself to provide education.  My counseling career began at a domestic violence agency in California. I answered the crisis line, speaking…

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