Often when we hear the word training, thoughts of “another waste of time,” “here is another thing the corporate office is pushing,” or “another thing I’m going learn that I can’t use,” can arise in our minds. However, with the correct approach and philosophy, training can inspire, motivate, and shape who we are as professionals, and the culture of our businesses.

We at Ancora have had similar experiences when we have felt that the training we were attending was not assisting in our growth and development, but we have also attended trainings that have inspired and motivated us to grow as professionals, apply within our practices/businesses, and increase our efficacy when working with clients and customers. These positive experiences have inspired us to develop trainings that can assist you and your team’s professional development, as well as creating a positive and supportive work environment.

In our experiences we have seen how trainings can assist in different areas of our business/practices; one area in particular is addressing staff burnout. Generally, people want to work hard at their jobs and make an impact in what they are doing, but it seems that when we or staff feel that we do not have adequate skills to do our jobs, this can lead to burnout and job dissatisfaction. Another area in which training can be beneficial, is preparing you and your staff to address the variety of things that clients/customers can present with. From creating a safe culture in which staff and clients can address and resolve the variety of items that can arise, to learning direct and tangible interventions and strategies, trainings can support you and your staff in having an efficacious business/practice.

Currently, we at Ancora are offering a variety of trainings, such as crisis de-escalation and trauma-informed care and practices. Our crisis de-escalation training aims to explore the variety of dynamics that can contribute, influence, and/or exacerbate crisis, as well as discussing strategies and interventions that can aid an individual who is experiencing a form of crisis. We believe that crisis situations can lead to significant life changes and empowering moments, and this training focuses on teaching individuals how to safely and appropriately respond to people in crisis, in efforts to lead to positive outcomes. Our trauma-informed care training focuses on teaching trainees the prevalence and impacts on individuals whom have been impacted by trauma, as well as creating a universal environment and culture that can provide a safe harbor for both staff and client/customer.

If you are interested in us providing one of our trainings, developing a training specific to your needs, or have a specific training need you would like to consult with us about, please do not hesitate to contact us as we firmly believe proper training can boost and support your business/practice.

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