Treating Anxiety

“One second I was fine, the next the room was spinning.”

“It’s like an elephant sitting on my chest.”

“My brain always goes to the worst-case scenario. Then replays it over and over again.”

“I feel like everyone can tell I’m a fraud, so I don’t voice my opinion or try to stand out in any way. Staying in the background feels safe.”

Anxiety can be healthy part of life; it can increase performance during big moments in our lives, and at times can provide guidance when navigating the world. However, if left unchecked this powerful emotion and experience can be turned within, and worry and uncertainty can take over. At times it can feel like it is taking over the steering wheel and direction of our life course.

We support folks in increasing their understanding of the mechanisms of anxiety, and develop skills and strategies to address experiences of anxiety.

You can breathe. You’ve got this. You will be alright. Contact us today to feel like you’re more in control.

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