Treating Anxiety

Anxiety can be healthy part of life; it can increase performance during big moments in our lives, and at times can provide guidance when navigating this intense and sometimes confusing world. However, if left unchecked this powerful emotion and experience can be turned within, and influence our world of worry and uncertainty. It can take over our being and our thoughts, and at times feels like it is taking over the steering wheel and direction of our life course.

A common challenge faced by folks struggling with anxiety, is attempting to explain to others what anxiety is like, or coming to terms that the anxiety has become a substantial influence in their lives. Anxiety can be a tough thing to tackle, as levels of anxiety and experiences with anxiety can vary on a wide spectrum. Simply put, anxiety (anxiety symptoms) can range from life-altering phobias, such as the fear of driving, to seemingly normal occurrences, like headaches or fatigue. Though anxiety affects everyone, it differs from person to person in the way it manifests, why it develops, and to what magnitude it occurs and impacts a person’s life. Because the symptoms of anxiety can seem like everyday occurrences, anxiety symptoms are often difficult to understand.

Due to the wide array of experiences and manifestations of anxiety, anxiety diagnosis were developed in efforts to classify, identify, and treat the varying presentations of anxiety. Anxiety disorders (diagnosis), such as panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social phobia, and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) are some of the mental illnesses which prevent individuals from leading a normal life. When folks are suffering from an anxiety and/or anxiety disorders, they may not be able to perform their routine activities in a well-adjusted manner.

It can eventually end up making your life really troubled if left untreated. Some of the most common signs and symptoms of anxiety include unrelenting worries, panic attacks, and obsessive thoughts; which create enormous problems in life. In short, if you are suffering from distress for some time now, perhaps you are suffering from an anxiety, and we here at Ancora would love to support you in your journey toward wellness and relief.

We aim to support folks in increasing their understanding of the mechanisms of anxiety, develop skills and strategies to address experiences of anxiety, and support the empowerment of taking back the power in your life.

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